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Overview of GTSA

GTSA is a consulting firm located in Columbus, Ohio. GTSA has worked within the construction industry for 30 years providing CPM scheduling and construction management services. GTSA specializes in project scheduling, resource controls, construction schedule analysis and development of custom CPM scheduling training and procedural programs. We have worked over the past 30 years with contractors, engineers, designers and owners to gain a unique perspective within the construction industry. GTSA is committed to providing the highest quality work product to its clients without compromise.

Mr. Timothy G. Scianamblo owner of GTSA is an expert in the use of CPM scheduling and CPM scheduling software. GTSA has developed and
administered CPM scheduling programs totaling over $25 billion
(construction value) in contracts nationwide. Mr. Scianamblo has conducted training seminars for over 2000 construction professionals nationwide focusing on development procedures and implementation of CPM scheduling practices. GTSA has worked closely with hundreds of contractors and governmental agencies to develop practices and procedures for effective use of CPM scheduling and claims avoidance procedures. GTSA has prepared more than 20 custom training and procedure manuals for our clients along with in-house training seminars to assure a successful roll out. GTSA is approved to conduct continuing legal education classes pertaining to construction claims, and the use of CPM scheduling. We have worked with thousands of industry professionals one-on-one including contractors, designers, engineers, architects, owners and legal counsel.

GTSA’s vast experience using CPM scheduling over the past 30 years has concentrated on complex design and construction projects. We successfully use CPM scheduling to develop project schedules and monitor progress not only in relation to time but to evaluate and monitor resource allocation and usage requirements. We routinely provide updating and maintenance of task logic on schedules, or review and evaluate contractors’ submittals to determine if effective industry standards have been used in the schedule development and updating phases. Our unsurpassed commitment to assure proper implementation of schedule updating procedures has made GTSA the successful company it is today. Our sound knowledge of CPM practices guarantees a high success rate on the projects we are involved in.

GTSA uses Primavera Systems, Inc., Oracle, project management software suite to develop, maintain and analyze CPM schedules used in project management. Primavera Project Planner (P3) Primavera (P6) and Contractor, are the industry standards for CPM schedule development, analysis and resource tracking. GTSA has worked directly with Primavera for over 25 years and has been used as a Beta site for pre-roll out testing of new software. Our strong involvement in the industry allows GTSA to remain at the top, as a leader in construction practices.

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